Sunday, October 10, 2010

Soup and Dip Mix

October food find:

Last weekend I went to Canton, TX for the monthly North Texas phenomenom known as "Canton First Monday Trade Days". Being from Louisiana and living in Texas almost all my life makes me thankful for good home (LA) cooking that can be done in a flash and Canton Trade Days has great booths with companies that make this possible. Although the monthly shopping fest provides other great things like clothes, home decor', great festival snacks and the overwhelming urge to just people favorite thing to buy are the food packets.

For years every festival or trade day I have gone to, have included the purchase of many many products from "All Of Us Plantation Soups and Dips"....I LOVE THEM!! They are a great addition to my pantry for quick week night meals. Although I generally prefer to make all my food from scratch, every working mother must make concessions to quick hearty meals for their family when time isn't available for the real deal.

Personally my favorites at All of Us are the Cheesy Chicken Enchilada soup mix and Smokin' Chipotle dip. I desperately wanted to try out the cheese balls they offer now but the main location at Canton Trade Days didn't offer it. I was told that the Marketplace had it, but lets face it..........after 7 hrs of shopping outdoors I was exhaused and ready to go home when I left, but I do intend to order it online.

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