Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day!!!

For Teacher Appreciation Day at Drake's preschool I made these yummy treat baskets. They were Circle print ruffle bowls filled with triple chocolate bunt cake, pineapple raisin nut bread, cherry almond coffee cake and s'more kits.

I put tags on them that said "You Take The Cake - Thank you for ALL you do!" and another tag that has the poem "Why God made Teachers". Drake goes to a christian preschool so it was fitting to include a little prayer/poem to go along with them. And who doesn't need a little guidance and support of kind words for an afternoon pick me up?

Four kits - One for each of his teachers and then a larger one for the office staff and extra teachers in the break room................can't leave anyone out, everyone loves a good snack!
S'more kits - I used plastic treat bags and filled them with graham crackers, large marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate then I created a tag and printed on card stock to fold and staple over the top. Super fun project that makes a cute gift! The labels said "We Need S'More Teachers like you".

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