Thursday, July 21, 2011

Superhero 4th Birthday

I LOVE birthday parties..........any parties are really fun to put together but birthday parties for little kids is exceptionally exciting because they get so excited for them. My son is no different! Drake was turning four this summer and I knew that we had to come up with something new and fun for the kids. Like last year we went with a swimming party at a local water park since it is his favorite summertime to just figure out what the theme would be and how I would be able to incorporate it with water fun.

Like most 4 year olds, my son is completely into super heros!! He loves to dress up like them and wear his cape around the house as he saves the dog from villans :) So this year I went with the obvoice choice and decided on a superhero swimming party!

I started with the decorations and party favors. Red, blue and yellow seemed to be the obvious choice (everyone knows Superman colors). I decided to make capes for the kids out of towels so they could dry off with them after the swimming fun. Here are the towels I made for each child attending. I used red bath towels and cut off the ends to make them a little more fitting for small children. I then used a yellow and blue bath towel to create the shield and initial. The superhero towel was a premade beach towel that I loved with all Drake's favorite heros so I used that one for his special birthday cape.
Next were the decorations and "big kid favors". We have some friends who have teenagers and I wanted to make sure they had something since they were attending a 4 yr olds birthday party. To do this, I asked each of them what their favorite candy was and made these goodie bags from Drake. To add a little fun, I also made these tootsie pop super heros!!

These are the certificates for Super hero swimming school that each child received after the party.

The party was set up in the theme colors with their capes on the back of each chair.

Superman cupcakes that Drake helped me make. Using white cake mix, divide into three seperate bowls after mixed and then stir in red, blue or yellow into each bowel. Layer the colored cake mix into the cupcake papers to create a fun look when they bite into it.

I used a scrapbooking punch to punch out the designs I created and printed on cardstock.

He was a very happy boy!! Happy birthday my dear Drake. We love you :)

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