Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chocolate Mousse Squares

1 Cup Flour
1 Stick Melted Butter
1 Cup Finely Chopped Pecans

Mix flour and butter together; add pecans. Spread in an 11” x 7” baking pan. Bake at 400 degrees until light brown. Cool thoroughly.

Bottom Layer:
1 8oz Cream Cheese (Room Temperature)
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 Large Tub Creamy Cool Whip

Mix cream cheese with powdered sugar. Stir well and add ½ of the Cool Whip. Mix. Spread on the cooled pecan crust.

1 Large Package Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix
1 Large Package Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
3 Cups Milk
1 Teaspoon Vanilla

Mix chocolate and vanilla pudding mixes. Add milk and vanilla. Beat until smooth with an electric mixer. Spread over cream cheese layer. Spread the remainder of the Cool Whip on top.

Grate semi-sweet chocolate or Plain Hershey Bar on top (optional).
Refrigerate. (Dessert is better if it sets overnight.)

For A Larger Dessert (9” x 13”):
Double crust ingredients.
Make 1 ½ times the Cream Cheese mixture.
Add 1 small Instant Vanilla Pudding and 1 small Chocolate Pudding mix for the pudding mixture. Use an
Additional 1 ½ cups of milk.
Use additional Cool Whip.

(2008 Cookbook)

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