Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"POP" Baby Shower

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything!!! This last year has been crazy busy and I just lost track of time and pictures to get them on the site. Hopefully I can start back up and kick it off with pictures of the shower we did last weekend for my sister.

The theme was "She's about to POP" and it was so much fun!!!  Below are pictures of the shower and my beautiful sister who is due in November.   It was a couples baby shower so we had a good time mixing in stuff for both the guys and girls.

 We went with the colors and patterns of the nursery for this theme.  I love the way it all turned out with the amazing bright colors.

 My sisters favorite children's book is "Love You Forever" so we thought it would be fitting to frame the words at her shower.  The cards were made for guests to write little notes to Baby Davis for his parents to give him on his 18th birthday.  This was done for me with my oldest (who is 17 now, man do I feel the years stacking on quick) and I just loved the sentiment.  Considering my son will get his next year, I figured we would pass on to the next generation.

 Baby food jars filled with bubble gum, painted with ribbon tied around and notes that say "Thanks for POPing by"

 Of course no POP theme is complete with out tons of things that POP.   - Toffee POPcorn, Vanilla POPcorn and Parmesan Garlic POPcorn.  I little Sweet & Savory.

 Ring POPs, of course!!  I have to admit - I didn't see any adults eating these but I couldn't not buy them because they said POP. 

 POP tarts!!  Who doesn't love Pop Tarts??  There were 4 different kids all placed in a cute little suitcase.

Oreo Pops, Pop Rocks, Popsta Salad - Ok, so maybe I went overboard on the "POP" theme but I couldn't help it.  I even went so far as to call the Pimento Cheese sandwiches POPmento Cheese.......I know, I know, that may have been a step to far.  After I started with the pop, I couldn't stop!! 

 The MOST AMAZING cake pops made by the MOST AMAZING woman.......Mrs. Stormie Gentry!!  They were so good with funfetti and red velvet cake inside.  

 Chocolate dipped rice krispies on a stick.

My sister LOVES punch!!  Did I say LOVES??  I mean, is INFATUATED with punch.  So of course we had to have punch!!  The lime punch turned out great and matched the theme perfect.  I just love it when things work out.

Milk bottles for the drinks with flags we made for the straws.
(I had an army to help me collect all these Starbucks glasses for this party.  Unfortunately they were not aware that from now on we will be using these for every party so I can feel better about washing and saving them like an episode of hoarders).

Future Mommy and Daddy!!  Aren't they precious!!

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