Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ceramic Fruit Pots

I LOVE the idea of Ceramic Fruit Pots.  They stay really cold in the fridge and then they are cute to take out and serve fruit from too.  Multipurpose use items are right up my alley!!

Originally I really wanted the Berry Box from Crate and Barrel but then I saw these colanders and loved them.  Yes...............I said love and colander in the same sentence............and I am not taking it back!!  So there!! 
Crate and Barrell Fruit Pots

I got them in both sizes and they nest which is great for storage.

The large one is great for grapes and the small one fits berries perfectly.  I am able to wash and store all in the same container and to make things even better, I can take it out and serve with it also......because it is pretty, of course!

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