Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tupperware Cabinet Makeover

I forgot to take the before picture but we can all agree that it was a disaster!!! 

 I had Tupperware (some of the actual brand but most was a mismatch of types) everywhere and falling out every time I opened the doors.  It got so bad that when anyone else unloaded the dishwasher they would put up everything BUT the Tupperware and just leave it on the counter for me to "figure out" where to put it in the cabinet. 

I saw this great idea to line the cabinets with peel and stick tiles on Family Handy Man and then The Container store had the Elfa sale going on before Christmas so I decided I had enough with the awful Tupperware cabinet and I was going to do something about it.....now.
I got the peel and stick tile from The Home Depot.  I didn't go crazy and spend more for "cute tile" but instead picked one of the cheaper ones (since it was going in my cabinets) but still decent in appearance (not the ones that looked like 1960's brick flooring).

At only about $32 a box of 45 it was a good deal and worth every penny.
My Awesome husband installed all the tile and said that it was super easy since he could just use a box cutter to make the cuts and it was easier to measure and cut to fix exactly as opposed to that HORRIBLE CONTACT PAPER, that never goes on smooth and then peels up after a day.

The tiles make it super easy to just wipe clean.

Next I went to The Container Store and got the awesome Elfa slide out drawers to make looking for the Tupperware easier.

Finished Product....I love it ! And - we are on our way to finish installing the peel and stick tiles to EVERY cabinet in the house.  Including the bathrooms...yay!!

I put all the containers in the bottom two drawers and then all the lids in the plastic pull out drawer on top.   I didn't want to waste that valuable room in between the baskets so I put the little items like my son's sandwich holders there (they fit great and stay out of the way).   All the big stuff and large cups went on the top shelf.

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